The Investigations Unit is led by the chief investigator and comprises investigators who are assigned to the various subdivisions of the office, including the Felony Trials Unit, Parish Courts, Juvenile Prosecution/Child Support Units, Family Violence Unit, Screening, and the Victim/Witness Coordinating Unit.

The primary function of the District Attorney’s Investigator (DAI) is to provide support and resources to the assistant district attorneys prior to, during and after the prosecution of a criminal case. Among their varied duties, DAIs are responsible for collating the detailed investigation of cases filed by local law enforcement agencies; establishing and maintaining contact with victims and witnesses throughout the trial process; collaborating with prosecutors on trial preparation and strategy; marshaling evidence, police personnel and civilian witnesses for court purposes; compiling information on unregistered sex offenders; participating in the collection of unpaid child support; addressing consumer fraud and worthless check complaints; and assisting families in need of services.