Confrontation over Harvey mother’s lawn leads to stabbing and a conviction

A Harvey man faces up to 10 years in prison for stabbing another man who was severely injured in the attack after he told the suspect to stop walking through his mother’s yard.

Jessie Havies, 34, was convicted as charged of aggravated battery on Wednesday (April 27), for the Aug. 14, 2014 stabbing in the 2600 block of Max Drive. The six-member jury deliberated more than an hour before returning with the verdict.

The victim told Havies to stop walking through his mother’s yard. Words were exchanged, and Havies stabbed the man using a knife with a four-inch blade. The victim suffered a lacerated liver that required surgery and more than a week of hospitalization, according to trial testimony.

Havies claimed self-defense, asserting that the victim, accompanied by his brother and a third person, did more than ask him to stop walking through his mother’s yard.

The prosecutors argued that Havies felt he was disrespected about the request to keep out of the yard, and that the force he used was unreasonable and unnecessary.

Judge Henry Sullivan of the 24th Judicial District Court set sentencing for Thursday (May 4).

Assistant District Attorneys Lindsay Truhe and Thomas Sanderson prosecuted the case.

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