‘God bless you, baby,’ beating victim tells her attacker who gets 20-year sentence

Allen Narcisse of Kenner brutally beat a 60-year-old Metairie woman in her home last year. He admitted as much last month, when he pleaded guilty as charged to being one of the three men who brazenly forced their way into the victim’s residence intent on committing a burglary.

On Monday (Aug. 8), Narcisse appeared in a Jefferson Parish courtroom to receive his 20-year prison sentence, as his victim, now age 61, and some of her family members looked on. Narcisse, 38, whose mother knows the victim, beat the woman, causing severe injuries before he went on to injure a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy in an attempt to escape.

The victim’s son, John Herrin, told Narcisse during his impact testimony on Monday that what he did “was reprehensible and almost without forgiveness.”

“You took advantage of a 60-year-old woman, who couldn’t even defend herself,” Herrin testified, disclosing her mother’s myriad medical woes that include rotator cuff problems that limited her ability to raise her arms and a pacemaker that helps keep her heart beating.

“You beat her,” Herrin testified. “What kind of man does it take to do something like that? How would you like it if someone did that to your mother?”

Narcisse pleaded guilty as charged on July 21 to aggravated burglary, aggravated assault on a police officer and resisting arrest by force or violence. His sentencing hearing was postponed to Monday, to allow the victim and her family to be present to provide impact testimony.

Narcisse, who was able to post a bond and temporarily gain his release from custody last week, asked Judge Stephen Enright of the 24th Judicial District Court to postpone the sentencing further, “so I can spend a couple of days with my kid.”

Judge Enright denied the request. “It’s time for this matter to be brought to an end,” the judge said.

Narcisse and two cohorts went to the woman’s home on Bissonet Drive about 11:20 a.m., on Oct. 14, carrying a chain saw and wearing work gloves as they announced they were there to for a job. When the victim told the men she needed no work, they forced their way inside. Narcisse, a 200-pound construction worker, beat her.

A neighbor called 911, and Deputy Stephen Bowman was the first officer to arrive. He encountered Narcisse, who at first told the deputy he lived there. As Deputy Bowman attempted to take Narcisse into custody, Narcisse resisted, broke away and fled in a Chevrolet Tahoe, dragging the officer a short distance.

Narcisse led other deputies on a chase that ended in the 5400 block of Veterans Memorial Boulevard, where he surrendered in a business’s parking lot.

A second suspect, Terry McCall, 29, of Westwego, was captured hiding in the home. He pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary and was sentenced to 15 years in prison on March 17. The third defendant, Ronald J. Bowman, 38, of Marrero, awaits trial.

Herrin urged Narcisse to use his time in prison “wisely.” “You hurt my mom, you hurt my family,” Herrin told Narcisse. “For that, I’m pretty upset. How would you like it if someone did that to your mom?”

Narcisse then was sentenced to 20 years for the aggravated burglary, 10 years for the aggravated assault with a motor vehicle on Deputy Bowman and three years for resisting arrest. The sentences were run concurrently.

Narcisse also pleaded guilty to being a double offender, but the sentence remained 20 years. Noting he recognizes 20 years to be “a lengthy sentence,” Judge Enright told Narcisse he’ll be in his late 50s when he’s released from prison.

“I’m struck by the compassion of the victim in this case has given and the tremendous and really inhuman beating you gave her,” Judge Enright told Narcisse.

Moments later, as the sentencing hearing ended, the victim rose from her seat in the gallery’s front row to leave and called out to Narcisse, who was handcuffed and seated in the jury box. “God bless you, baby,” she told him.

Narcisse responded. “I’m sorry,” he told her.

Assistant District Attorney Angad Ghai prosecuted the case.

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