The Felony Trial Division prosecutes criminal cases in the 16 divisions of the 24th Judicial District Court of Jefferson Parish. Criminal cases are classified as either felonies or misdemeanors. Felony cases include the offenses of murder, rape, robbery, illegal use and possession of firearms, burglary, theft and possession or distribution of narcotics. Felony criminal cases may be decided by a jury, or if the defendant chooses, by the judge without a jury. Misdemeanor cases are prosecuted by the assistant district attorneys before the judge alone. Each courtroom is staffed by the District Attorney’s Office with an assistant district attorney and a district attorney investigator. The felony assistant district attorneys are supported by victim-witness assistance coordinators, secretaries, administrators, law clerks and legal interns.

Within the Felony Trial Division, there are also two specialized units: Code 6 Unit and Multi-Agency Gang Unit. The Code 6 Unit targets violent and repeat offenders, and is designed to work closely with local law enforcement agencies to review the offense and the offender at the moment a career criminal is arrested. The Multi-Agency Gang Unit focuses on gang-related narcotic and violent crime, with particular attention to defendants who participate in crimes which form the basis of complex Street Terrorism Enforcement and Prevention Act (STEP), Louisiana Racketeering and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO), and/or multi-defendant, multi-offense conspiracy prosecutions.

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