Month: June 2023

Jose Robles Marques guilty of murdering his sister’s boyfriend in Gretna

A Jefferson Parish jury on Thursday (June 22) found Jose Robles Marques guilty of shooting his sister’s boyfriend to death in his Gretna home last year.

Marques, 43, was convicted as charged of the second-degree murder of Jose Salomon Fernandez Barrientos, 42, in a bedroom of his home in 1700 block of Newton Street on March 1, 2022.

Fernandez and Marques’ sister were arguing in their bedroom when Marques approached the doorway with a six-shot .38-caliber revolver and opened fire. Fernandez was sitting on a bed when he was struck by at least five of the bullets. He died on the bed.

At trial, Marques’ defense lawyers argued he was defending his sister, whom he asserted was the victim of a domestic violence act in the past. The lawyers asserted that Marques heard arguing, thought his sister was in danger and shot Fernandez. As such, it was a justifiable homicide, they said.

However, there was no evidence indicating that Marques reasonably believed his sister was in imminent danger, a necessary element of justifiable homicide.

In his statement to Gretna police after the incident, Marques indicated that when he entered the Fernandez’s bedroom, which he shared with Marques’ sister, Marques had already retrieved the firearm and loaded it.  Additionally, Marques stated that he observed the victim and his sister separate prior to his firing the weapon until he ran out of bullets. As such, his shooting Fernandez was neither reasonable nor necessary.

“Being angry, being upset, that’s not justifiable homicide,” Assistant District Attorney Eric Cusimano told jurors Thursday in closing argument.

Jurors deliberated about one hour, 15 minutes before returning with their unanimous verdict at 5 p.m., Thursday. Judge Nancy Miller of the 24th Judicial District Court is scheduled to sentence Marques on Wednesday (June 28). Life in prison without parole, probation or suspension of sentence is the mandatory punishment for second-degree murder under Louisiana law.

Assistant District Attorneys Eric Cusimano and Taylor Somerville prosecuted the case.



Darryl Vinson gets 115-year sentence for brutalizing woman

A Jefferson Parish judge has sentenced Darryl Vinson to 115 years in prison for his conviction of brutalizing and beating a woman he held captive in her Gretna home for three days in 2021.

Vinson, 60, of Marrero, was convicted as charged by a Jefferson Parish jury on May 3 of attempted second-degree murder, second-degree kidnapping, second-degree sexual battery and false imprisonment with a dangerous weapon.

Judge Ray Steib of the 24th Judicial District Court on Thursday (June 15) sentenced Vinson to 50 years for attempted second-degree murder, 40 years for second-degree kidnapping, 15 years for second-degree sexual battery and 10 years for false imprisonment with a dangerous weapon.

Judge Steib ran the sentences consecutively, for a total of 115 years.

The crimes occurred between Jan. 27, 2021 and Jan. 29, 2021, in the 48-year-old woman’s Claire Avenue home.

He hogtied the naked woman, forced her to sleep on the cold tile floor in a closet, made her crawl on all fours when he let her leave the closet, kicked her and inserted the barrel of her pistol into her body. He stabbed her in the forehead and left lacerations from a serrated knife blade just below her neck.

To prevent her from crying aloud, he inserted dirty underwear and socks into her mouth and used duct tape to keep them in place. He forced her to eat cat food and injected methamphetamine into her body. He wouldn’t let her use her phone.

The victim’s injuries included brain bleeding, a fractured eye socket for which she has a titanium plate, fractured ribs, a bruised lung and numerous lacerations and ligature marks on her neck, wrists and ankles. She was hospitalized for 12 days, four of which were spent in an intensive care unit.

The sexual assault nurse examiner who documented the victim’s injuries testified that the case is “one of the most severe that I’ve seen.”

Vinson, who was homeless, met the woman outside a Gretna-area drugstore and befriended her. Their platonic relationship evolved into a romantic one. He moved in with her.

Just days after she had surgery to treat a hernia, on Jan. 27, 2021, the victim accompanied Vinson to his mother’s home in Marrero. Feeling the pain of her surgery, she returned to her Gretna home. Vinson arrived later and began accusing her of having sex with another man – assertions she denied.

The physical abuse began and continued until Jan. 29, 2021. After flashing a pistol at her, Vinson forced the victim to walk to Manhattan Boulevard and the Westbank Expressway in Harvey to panhandle motorists.

Soon after, witnesses began calling 911 to report Vinson beating the victim. In one 911 recording, a caller described the victim as being “black and blue and covered in blood.” Gretna police, which investigated the crimes, found much of her home in disarray, except for the master bedroom that smelled of bleach because of Vinson’s attempt to clean it.

Vinson’s attorney argued that his client and the victim wrangled with substance abuse problems, and that her recollections about what occurred might not be as clear as she now asserts.

Assistant District Attorneys Lindsay Truhe and Tommy Block prosecuted the case.