John Mamoulides served as Jefferson Parish's elected district attorney for three 6-year terms. His portrait is displayed in the Jefferson Parish District Attorney's Office lobby.

Jefferson Parish mourns the passing of former DA John Mamoulides

The Jefferson Parish District Attorney’s Office mourns the death of John Mamoulides. His service to the citizens of Jefferson Parish, as an assistant district attorney, executive district attorney and as the elected district attorney, spanned three decades.

Before his retirement in 1996, Mr. Mamoulides left his mark not only on Jefferson Parish but on the state of Louisiana. After he was elected district attorney in 1972, serving three 6-year terms, Mr. Mamoulides was instrumental in the creation of the Louisiana District Attorney’s Association and later served as the elected president of the organization.

In Jefferson Parish, Mr. Mamoulides created the District Attorney’s Office pre-trial diversion program. Mr. Mamoulides also oversaw the creation of the Jefferson Children’s Advocacy Center, established the Child Support Enforcement Division and the Consumer Protection Division.

His legacy remains apparent today, as many of the programs he implemented during his tenure are still in place.

“His influence on our criminal justice system, both locally and statewide, cannot be overstated,” said District Attorney Paul D. Connick, Jr., who worked as an assistant district attorney under Mr. Mamoulides before he was elected to the post in 1996. It was a privilege to work for him.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family,” Mr. Connick said.

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